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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get training with Tuple?

Self-paced learning resources are supplied in easy to follow language, with step by step instructions as well as videos to guide you through how to setup and start using Tuple. One-on-one training is not available with Tuple.

What support do I get with Tuple?

The Tuple help centre has hundreds of help articles with step by step guides on how to use all the features of Tuple. If you can’t find the article you’re looking for or are unable to move forward, a live chat facility is also available for you to ask questions to the Tuple team.

What is included with my data migration?

We will import your student personal (name, address, date of birth, etc) and standard student AVETMISS data.  Data such as student course enrolment information, documents, file notes or other custom populated fields are not available for import.  Tuple will request a copy of your data for inspection prior to import to confirm the data can be migrated.

What types of RTO is Tuple suitable for?

Tuple is designed to help small RTOs manage their data in an easy, organised and secure way while complying with national AVETMISS reporting standards.  Tuple does away with cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and provides superior data security.  Unlike desktop applications, Tuple is 100% Cloud which means we take care of backups, updates and security so you can do what you do best!

Tuple can be used to manage accredited and non-accredited training data for both full qualifications or short courses.  Tuple is not suited for use by international (CRICOS), higher education providers (such as VET Student Loan) or other funded training delivery.  These types of providers may wish to consider Wisenet Learning Relationship Management which contains all the necessary functionality to manage these types of students.

What compliance reports are available in Tuple?

Tuple allows RTOs to collect and manage AVETMISS data and run standard AVETMISS compliant exports for all Australian States and Territories including National (NCVER) exports.  Tuple also contains BACE AVETMISS and Non-APL AVETMISS exports as well as exports for CQR, WA CQR, SA XML and the AQTF Competency Completion Quality Indicator export.

How many users can access Tuple?

All Tuple editions include unlimited users

Are there any management reports in Tuple?

Yes. Tuple has a selection of management reports that can be run from various areas of the application based on the user’s current activity e.g. when looking at a student’s profile, the reports available will show the data for that particular student.  Advanced features such as filtering criteria and custom date ranges or customised reports are not available in Tuple.

Can I integrate Tuple with other software systems?

No. Tuple does not include integration with other software packages. If you are looking for an integrated solution, may wish to consider Wisenet Learning Relationship Management.

Can I upgrade from Tuple to Wisenet?

Yes. You can upgrade to Wisenet at any time and all of your data and documents will be migrated.  Visit for more about Wisenet Learning Relationship Management.

What is the billing structure for Tuple?

Tuple has two billing (or subscription) options; a month to month option where you can cancel your subscription at any time, or an annual subscription which is still paid in monthly instalments, but you have a minimum subscription commitment of 1 year.  The annual subscription (called the Value Plan) does not have an initial setup fee, includes more Active Students and has a lower cost for additional Active Students.  All Tuple billing is maintained via automatic monthly credit card deductions.  It is important that you let us know if you credit card has expired or you need to change credit cards.  Please ensure you have sufficient funds available to cover your base subscription and any additional Active Student charges each month.  Payment failure will affect your access to Tuple.

How does the Active Student count work?

Depending on which edition of Tuple you subscribe to, you will have a base number of Active Students included with your subscription.  You manage which learners are Active in their Tuple record.  A record must be active in order for you to make any change or update to a Student’s data.  If the student is not undergoing any training activity or has completed, you can set the record to Inactive and the Student will not be included in the monthly Active Learner count.  You will still be able to view all Inactive Student data at any time.

Additional Active Students are billed monthly in arrears in addition to your base subscription fee:  At the end of each calendar month, Tuple will run a count across your database to collate the number of Students who were active in that period (a record will only be counted once regardless of the number of times they were switched from Active to Inactive that month).  This number will be added to your next monthly credit card charge automatically in addition to your base subscription fee.  It is your responsibility to ensure diligence in managing your students status’ so you are not paying more than you need to.

Where is my data stored?

Tuple contracts from Amazon Web Services to store customer data. The terms of our agreement can be found at:

In order to offer high availability of the Service to customers, Tuple operates in at least two Amazon Data Centre Regions, including Australia and Singapore.

Tuple takes multiple data backups daily to ensure that your data is adequately stored and replicated.

Looking for a system with more advanced functionality?

Visit Wisenet or call us on 1300 365 384.